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Family Pack Halloween Black Cat Devil Costume Animal Costume

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Family Pack Halloween Black Cat Devil Costume

Mix Halloween and black cats, and you’re bound to stir up superstitions. Cross everyone’s path dressed as this black cat. Meow.

  • Includes dress, glovelets,belt.
  • Suitable for adults and children



S—suitable for height 158-173cm

M—suitable for height 170-175cm

L—suitable for height 175-180cm

XL—suitable for height 178-185cm



M—suitable for height 155-170cm

L—suitable for height 170-175cm

XL—suitable for height 173-180cm—boy

S—suitable for height 110-120cm

M—suitable for height 120-130cm

L—suitable for height 130-140cm

XL—suitable for height 140-150cm—girl

S—suitable for height 100-115cm

M—suitable for height 115-125cm

L—suitable for height 125-140cm


Black Cat CostumeReady to meow the night away? We're sure that anyone who crosses your path won't suffer any bad luck. We actually think their luck will improve after they catch a glimpse of you! If you're on a mission to shed that black cat stigma then this outfit is purrfect for you! See what we did there?Instead of associating your black shiny fur with bad luck and superstition, they will associate it with fun times. Let's be honest, you are a party animal after all! So swish your tail and raise those paws because tonight you are going to redefine what it means to be a black cat and heck, you won't even need all of your nine lives to do it! Unless you would rather creepily move around without anyone noticing like cats tend to do but hey, we're not here to judge you!

This costume lets you get the full feline experience. You even get paw detailed gloves but don't worry, these gloves are fingerless so you can still grasp those humanistic features that we all love so much. We have to warn you though, while wearing this costume you may have to avoid a few dogs along the way- just kitten....but not really though, you should probably keep your eye out!